Womens Kickboxing in Leicester

Looking to get fit, lose weight, feel more confident and have fun?

Try our womens kickboxing and self-defense classes in Leicester today.

6 reasons why you'll love our classes

Lose Weight

Kickboxing is a proven way to burn fat and lose weight whilst having fun

Gain Confidence

Self defense is a key element to all of our womens martial arts classes

Relieve Stress

Kickboxing helps you to lose stress
created during the day - FACT!

Get Fit

Specially design cardo exercises aimed to to improve your fitness


We will show you a range of stretches
designed to improve you flexibility

Increased Strength and Power

Learn the correct techniques allowing you to punch and kick with maximum force

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What do our womens Kickboxing classes involve?

Every class is different but the general structure includes:

WARM UP - Stretches and gentle exercises.

PAD WORK - Here we teach you how to punch, kick and evade attacks. This includes any self defense techniques.

FITNESS ROUNDS - Exercises designed to improve your overall fitness which is key to any martial art.

GRADING SET- A series of kickboxing technical combinations used as part of the belt grading system

STRETCH OUT - A range of stretches for the entire body

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Common Questions

What do I need for the Free Intro Lesson? All you will need is; something comfortable to wear (jogging bottoms and t-shirt is fine), a bottle of water and a towel.

Do I have to fight? No, only if you want to. All sparing is optional. You can spar when you feel you're ready and all sparing is overseen by our fully qualified instructors in a safe environment.

How do I join Leicester PKA? If you're interested in our kickboxing classes, simply contact us or pop down on Thursday at 7:15 for a FREE Intro Class with no obligation to join.

How much do lessons cost? Adults: £6.00 per class*. 5-16 years and NUS Card holders: £5.00 per class*.
Lifetime PKA License: £45 (includes Uniform, insurance and Double DVD)
*Discount available for unlimited training.

I have no martial arts experience, is this a problem? Absolutely not. Our kickboxing classes are ideal for beginners. We start you off slowly teaching you the basic techniques. As your experience grows we show your more difficult techniques.

Our Kickboxing Classes in Leicester

Thursday 7:30 - 8:30pm > See all PKA classes in Leicester

Address: Narborough Road / Upperton Road Junction, Leicester
Call 07771 562 201, eMail mail@leicesterpka.com or just turn up!

What our students think

One of the best decisions I ever made! I've been trying to lose weight and get fitter for many years. I have tried diets, pilates and the gym but these didn't work and after a couple of months became very repetitive and boring. I found Leicester PKA on the Internet and decided to give it a try. I had never done anything like this before but found the classes very easy as the instructors teach you the basics first and a pace I was comfortable with. Leicester PKA is great and well worth a try.

FAB!!! I look forward to my class sooooo much each week :)

I'd tried a few other martial arts classes in Leicester in the past but they always focused on fighting which never suited me - I'm not an aggressive person and didn't feel comfortable sparring. This wasn't a problem with the PKA because the classes are non contact and sparring is optional.

I joined Leicster PKA in 2009. I went along with a friend to the free introduction class at PKA and found it to be professional, yet friendly. The instructors are concise and constructive with their feedback and allow you to work and progress at your own pace! The other members are also welcoming and at first it felt a little intimidating to partner different people, particularly if they were of a higher grade, but i soon learnt that everyone is eager for you to progress and more than happy to teach! I even gave sparring an attempt and grew to love it! PKA is like one big family - a completely non-threatening non-intimidating environment. I have found kickboxing to be challenging, interesting and it has taught me discipline and focus! It is now one of my most favourite forms of exercise. It's particularly great when you see results and progress is measured by grading, with the excellent support of the instructors!! I love it!! ;) The club truly does have high standards of teaching and grading system- so rest assured that when you achieve a belt, not only have you worked for it, but it is well-deserved! .......so why not try it for yourself, you won't regret it!!

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